The only thing better than a delicious meal in Paris is eating it in a beautifully designed space. With so many restaurants to choose from, and quite a few not worth paying attention to, we've collected our favourite restaurants that tick all the boxes from the food to the service and, of course, the interior design.



We’ve only heard about this place because it’s so chic we can’t get a table but it’s not impossible to walk through those mystical doors and our friends tell us the food is incredible.


Fun, French food in a silly setting. Eat in one of the rooms in this little maison, from the bedroom to the living room or the terrace out the front. Charming hipster nonsense with great food.

Pierre Sang

A French/Korean bistro with a twist. No explanations are given before each course and the diner is left to guess what ingredients have been used on each delicious plate.


Truly seasonal cuisine in a secretive setting with diners hidden behind heavy velvet curtains from the inquisitive glances of passers-by. Keep your eye out for celebrity sightings.

Buvette Gastrothèque

Tapas-style contemporary French food in a chic interior featuring a huge map of France doubling as a wine list plastered across an entire wall so you can see exactly where your wine was made.

Clown Bar

Coulrophobics may not be a fan but this clown-themed bistro is chic reflection of the nearby cirque d'hiver. The interior may be a bit of fun but the food is as serious as it gets.

L'avant Comptoir

This place is so tiny the menu hangs from the roof! But don't let the size deter you, squeeze yourself in and be amazed by how much great food can come from such a petite kitchen.

Le Bouillon Chartier

Parisians have been coming here for a quick three-course lunch for the past 100 years and this giant brasserie is still turning out meals for next to nothing in a beautiful, historic space.

Fish Club

A restrained design explosion covers every surface at this fun restaurant where fish is king and pisco sours run freely. French influenced cuisine with a Peruvian touch, interesting non?

La Table d'Eugène

Elegant, sophisticated and relaxed. This isn't an easy combination to achieve but this gorgeous restaurant off the beaten track is a well-kept secret for flawless haute cuisine.


Simple, pared-down food of exceptional quality is the philosophy behind this restaurant whose interior reflects this dedication to clean lines and bespoke minimalism.

Little Breizh

If you can't make it to Normandy this is the next best thing. This small crêperie is a go-to place for a cider and some of the best crêpes in the city that bring some modernity to the old recipes.